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Ayesha Nicole Smith, known professionally as Ayesha Erotica, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. She is a close friend of Slayyyter and has co-written and produced many of her songs.


2016-2017: Career Beginnings and Big Juicy

Ayesha first began her career as a SoundCloud pop artist with her debut album Big Juicy. The same year, she released "barely legal" and "CUMSHOT". This helped establish herself as Ayesha Erotica, and she was increasingly garnering attention. By this time, she already had an established fanbase. The following year, she released her extended play (EP) "" and several other notable singles such as "Literal Legend", which garnered attention from the TikTok community in 2018.

2018: Horny.4u and Retirement

In 2018, Ayesha was planning to release her sophomore album, Horny.4u, which she had described as a "horny Christian pop album". One single was released for the project; "Vacation Bible School", "We Can Do It!" another song from the project, was leaked on a discord server. In late 2018, user void4ngel posted a masterpost of all of Ayesha’s social media accounts that were previously unknown, he had also posted her real name which was found through another unknown, but public personal account, onto doxxbin. It was his intention to possibly get her doxxed, however this didn’t happen.

When Ayesha saw the post she had falsely blamed Quinn Fatale, and in retaliation ended up actually doxxing Quinn and his entire family. This includes his parents, grandparents, cousins, and siblings. Quinn then leaked demos of Ayesha’s music as revenge. This all ultimately led to the cancellation of Horny.4u, and her eventual retirement.

"Hey! I'm not releasing any further music, at all, under Ayesha Erotica! I'm not a public figure, and I do not want to be an internet celebrity, I don't want to really make friends anymore! Thank you if you support me but please respect my boundaries and stop sending me messages like 'hey bitch lets fuck a cock' or ANYTHING negative about Slayyyter, or any other bullshit I didn't sign up for. If you support me, and you see people being weirdos and hacking dumb ass songs I made on a macbook, please just report and let's move on! There's a lot of music in the world! Also using my name and picture is weird!! I'm not famous I'm literally a shut in and I have 5 friends including my mother, STOP! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for supporting this manic ass endeavor! And for the people I actually speak to, feel free to message me anytime and I'll get back to you! Sorry I let this shit scare me away from my friends and living life! I have a ton of features still coming out and those are fun, but that's it, please just support the shit that's officially out and leave it at that!"[1]

2019-Present: Features and final words

In 2019, Ayesha released several features as she had promised, with artists such as CXLE, PLASTIC, and Petey Plastic. On July 28th, 2019, after pictures of her with That Kid[2] and Petey Plastic were shared on Twitter, fans suspected that she would be returning to music. Later, she debunked those rumors and released a final statement which read:

"NO ONE Is coming back! At all, i met 2 friends and they asked for pictures. I'm not releasing any new music and I'm not returning to anything. This if anything makes me want to come back 100% less! Please respect my boundaries! And for the 100000000th time please stop using pictures of me!"[3]

Work With Slayyyter

She has worked with Slayyyter on the following song(s):

Songs from Slayyyter (2019):




In late December of 2019, a previously uploaded song was leaked on soundcloud, which showed Ayesha saying a racial slur a total of five times.[4] Fans have stated that there were more songs where she had said it, but as of now, they remain unleaked.


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